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Rubber Stamps made in the USA

Meet the Standard Stamp Crew

Standard Stamp Family Photo Standard Stamp Family Photo

Hello There!

We're the Hildreth family. We're also the team behind The Standard Stamp Company! We manufacture durable rubber stamps here in small town Georgia. We create clear acrylic stamps, glass bubble stamps,, and wood mounted stamps! Our family enjoys working to make quality rubber stamps for folks from all over the world.

We used to work as computer programmers, superintendents, and teachers. A few years ago we started tinkering with the idea of a family business, and when we found a need to have a quality rubber stamp - we had a hard time finding a company to buy one from! In short, that's how Standard Stamp was born. Working as a family has been a dream come true!

Georgia is the lovely southern state we're blessed to call home. Mossy trees, misty mountains, sandy beaches, pine forests and rolling farmland make this place our heaven on earth. This is the land of fried chicken, peach cobbler, iced tea, and stewed okra. We have all been born and raised here and are proud to call Georgia our state. This is home!

We two German Shepherds and a little poodle-mix that diligently guard the shop. They also diligently watch us eat lunch every day as well. We love our canine trio greatly.

When not making stamps, we're hiking, paddling on rivers, exploring the Georgia woods, playing instruments, or sitting on our front porch watching the world go by.

We're proud to be small business owners in the USA, and it's important to us that passion is reflected in our work. Our stamps are 100% created in the USA. Our wood is grown here, our acrylic is cast here, our handles are turned here, and we build each stamp together here in our workshop!

We run our business to support our families, but Standard Stamp is far more than a means of income. We love working with our clients to build something meaningful that will help them with their own creative projects, businesses, and life events! We look forward to helping build your vision with you.

Cheers and God Bless,
The Hildreth Family