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Custom Rubber Stamps

Not sure what size you need?

Pick your stamp size below. We can make the following stamp sizes with clear acrylic block handles or wooden handles. All units are in inches:
Here's a 1x1 inch US Quarter for reference:
1x1 Inch Quarter

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Do you need a custom rubber stamp created from your design? We can help! Our family shop manufactures custom acrylic stamps, wooden handed stamps and glass bubble stamps for clients all over the world. We love serving our fellow mom-and-pop-shops here in the USA. We make custom stamps for small businesses, large corporations, farmers, brides, writers, chefs, blacksmiths and thousands of other crafts-people!

Here are some of the many uses folks find for our rubber stamps:

These are just a few of the many uses there are for our stamps! If you'd like to order a custom rubber stamp from us, email the shop at shop@standardstamp.com and send us your design! If you need help with the design work we're happy to lend a hand.